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Is your 5th grader interested in going to a Magnet Middle School?

If your 5th grader is interested in going to a Magnet Middle School, you must submit your application online!  Magnet applications for the 2021-2022 school year are now being accepted.  You can submit your application on the following CCSD Magnet website:
When choosing a Magnet school, transportation is very important to consider!  Based on your home address and the school that your student would like to attend, CCSD transportation may be limited or not available.  If you would like to check to see what Magnet schools your student will receive a CCSD school bus to, please go to this transportation website:
Once you are on the transportation website, type your address in the 'Address' box.  Next, where it says 'please select a program', select 'Magnet W/Phase out'.  Lastly, click on the 'find' button, and the website will list all of the Magnet schools that your student will receive a bus to, and the location of the bus stop.  If a school is not on the list, this means that transportation is not available.
If you have questions regarding the Magnet process or Magnet school, please visit the CCSD Magnet Frequently Asked Questions page: