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PARENT ACCESS to Campus Portal

You may set up your own account which will allow greater access to your student’s information as well as seeing all your CCSD students from your one account site. You must have your Activation Key in order to set up your parent account. These activation codes were sent home in the mail by the District back in September 2014. If you do not have this information, you may contact our Campus Portal Liaison, Mrs. Wendy Webster at (702) 799-7340. She can send you a packet of information and your Activation Key by your email address on file, by mail to your address on file or with your permission, it may be sent home with your student.

STUDENT ACCESS to Campus Portal

Every student can set up their own account to Campus Portal. Their Username is their student number and their Password is their initials, lower case and their birthdates.

Username = Student ID Number
Password = xxmmddyy

  • xx = First Initial of First Name, First Initial of Last Name - lower case (double last name – use the first last name intial)
mmddyy = (day -2 digits, month -2 digits, year of birth -2 digits)
  • Example:Johnny Smart-Guy - with a birthdate of May 24, 2003
Month = 05, Day = 24, Year = 03


Password = js052403
Make sure you set up your account on a computer first, and then you can access your account from a smart phone application that you download. For questions about your account, please contact your Portal Liaison-Mrs. Wendy Webster at 702-799-7349 ext 4300.